My name is ELIO GJONAJ, I possess nearly a decade of experience as a Personal Trainer and am driven by my desire to learn how to help people reach their physical and personal goals. I continue to learn as much as I can in the field as well as educate others.

As a lifelong learner, the opportunity to share my knowledge and learn from others drives my dedication to my clients and my profession. I am certified in Nutrition and I strongly believe that the best way to improve your body and lifestyle is through working out regularly and eating right food that your body and mind needs to function!



My mission is to help get people everywhere in the world feeling fitter, healthier, and happier, no matter where you are on your fitness journey!
Working out regularly and building healthy nutrition habits, is a vital component of comprehensive self-care that we all have to practice consistently if we want to gain control over lives and leave healthier.

The alternative means preventable ailments and chronic conditions prevail, dictating our potential while diminishing our overall quality of life!
And now I have brought all the tools needed to ELEVATE YOUR LIFESTYLE right in front of you!



When it comes to developing an effective habit of fitness that lasts, I’ve found that guidance, support, and accountability from a qualified healthcare professional is absolutely essential.

That’s why I set out to make individualized fitness more accessible and affordable to more people.

Strength & Conditioning

Resistance training is essential in changing your body's composition. I guide my clients to gradually build and accomplish specific exercise techniques, looking at gaining muscle to strip down their body fat percentage.

Athletic / Sports Specific

Being in sports for many years (Basketball & Fitness Physique) and working with specific clients over the years, I have constructed tailored workouts that target weaknesses and develop strength in these areas. The specific programs assist my clients in improving their speed and agility – knocking down competitive times is one of the key goals.

Postural Management

Working in the City, I frequently see individuals who have picked up bad habits from working long hours at their desks, which is detrimental to their posture and overall range of motion (ROM).


The fundamentals of daily needs. The goal of stability/mobility is to develop postural stability throughout the kinetic chain without compromising mobility at any point in the chain. This boils down to the idea that parts of the body that should be stable are stable, and the parts of the body that move should move correctly which leads to postural stability. Once we have that stability, I can start teaching you how to move your body.