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Workout in the morning on an empty stomach! YES or NO?

Are you the type to squeeze in a morning run before breakfast? Or hit the gym before dinner? Working out on an empty stomach won’t hurt you—and it may actually

Step-Up exercise benefits

You move every day. The human body goes through various movements in the day that are apart from fitness and physical activity. You walk, run, jog, bend down, squat, lift,

How important is nutrition in our lives?

It is estimated that five million people will go on a restricted meal plan this year, spending $33 billion on weight-loss products, and at some point within the year, 80

Why do I need a personal trainer anyway!

The profession of personal training is a relatively new field that continues to expand its boundaries and redefine itself. Prior to the early 1980s, no minimal requirements existed to qualify

Causes of back pain & what we should do to prevent it!! By ElioFitness_

Back pain will affect about 80% of us at some point in our lives! It often results from repeated behaviors that stress your body.Low back pain refers to pain that

How to do dips properly for training chest & triceps

You think bench is the best chest building exercise? Here’s how to do Dips for chest. When it comes to building chest muscles, most people will think of the Bench

Push-up as one of the greatest general conditioning exercises

We all want to live long lives. We all want to live healthy lives health & fitness aren’t just an outside interest; health & fitness can  play a major role in your success.

What’s physical activity?

Physical activity is defined as a body movement produced by the action of muscles serving energy. To maintain good health, all individuals from a young age to old age must