Meet Elio
Passionate about health, nutrition, fitness & wellbeing, personal training was a natural career path for me. Many years’ experience in sports I’m here to share my knowledge & to support everyone having the body you dream about! Today, I am an independent personal trainer & an online nutritional consultant, offering 1 on 1 personal & online training, customized workout programs & nutrition plans for fat loss, muscle gain, improve performance & improve your overall health. I’m also a Fitness Men’s Physique competitor & former champion. A young man with an Iron discipline and a hard worker can do such an amazing work with your body and your life style, I’m the perfect choice for a personal trainer.
When you train with me you not only learn how to move certain parts of your body parts but I will inspire you to also change your habits such as eating daily thinking and how to motivate yourself push your limits exceed into becoming a better you for YOU! Mentally is how we begin setting your goals searching deep into how you can change your life motivate and inspire yourself. Focusing into why you want to change your life, and how it will benefit you!
My online fitness services are the result of years’ experience working at the highest level as a personal trainer, learning not just how to create amazing physical transformations, but also to help create sustainable health habits. These important habits allow those on my training programs not only to achieve their ideal body, but to also foster a healthy energy and vitality that makes any task in life easier to accomplish.
I start here not just because this has long been my primary expertise but also because I acknowledge that being in great shape & feeling fit helps to rid the mind a lot of negative self-talk that can be unproductive over many areas of your life. Once I’ve quieted those voices I have a far greater opportunity to move forward with a set mind.
I’ve a bachelor degree on business administration & I know for sure that having a great physique & maintaining optimal health is an amazing achievement in life. It’s also a great springboard for sitting down & deciding exactly what you would like to achieve in your life, in terms of career, business, goals, creative projects and building a fulfilling lifestyle in general.
You’ll be feeling so good on my programs that you may be surprised how creative you feel & just how much energy you have to spur those long held goals and dreams into action. My training programs have two primary objectives. The first is to achieve results on a short time scale. This means you will be training hard & eating the kind of food that is going to help you achieve your goal. The other focus is on your health ten years from now, this ensures that I never include anything in your programs that would detract from your overall health and well-being.
Every workout regime allows for full recovery, every meal plan is designed for nutritional diversity and we include meditations & other health practices that help offset any fatigue incurred on your body.
As we sit & discuss the most important part of this training that is coming, understand that 80% of you goal is nutrition which plays the most important role! Changing your eating habits, creating new ones builds such an important role into your daily life style, it becomes the most rewarding feeling as you learn how to properly feeds your body the food it needs instead of the food it wants! Now changing this definitely isn’t easy it takes dedication and patience, which I will be teaching you step by step in my programs! 
Mindset comes with a lot of will power, is to understand that you are taking a step ahead in your life to change it for the better! 
It can definitely be challenging but yet the most rewarding, I focus on both physical & mental, but my favorite is working with you 1 on 1 understand what drives you to change yourself, what pushes you, what encourages you!
The first step is to finally come to a conclusion why changing your life is so important to you and how you will do it, with my help I can make you understand why a healthy lifestyle is the best lifestyle!