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It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has changed the way we do a lot of things in our day-to-day lives in order to keep ourselves and others healthy. We stay home 24/7. We wear masks to go to the grocery store.

With a sea of options and technology at our fingertips, the fitness landscape continues to evolve, and thus our experience is changing as well. Many of you have probably heard about remote coaching. With an estimated 250,000 personal trainers and coaches in the United States alone, and roughly 25% of them offering some sort of online training plan or remote coaching service, fitness is going to keep moving in a new direction.
1What is a remote session?
Just like when you work with a personal trainer in the gym, a remote session is a great opportunity to receive one-on-one attention from a qualified fitness professional. You will have a 60min video call with me (your coach) through Zoom where I will be able to demonstrate exercises, evaluate your exercise form, and offer corrections, advice, and motivation. I am also offering outdoor or remote options, coming to your home or neighborhood for private, semi-private or small group training sessions.
2Benefits of Remote Training:
-One on one attention from a qualified fitness professional
-Opportunity to be creative with your workout regimen
-Motivation and Form correction
3How does it work?
Step 1- Schedule a date and hour with the coach!
Step 2- After you have scheduled your workout you will get a link in your confirmation email.
Step 3- Click that link and you will be directed straight to the workout using ZOOM.
Step 4- If you are using your phone or tablet you will need to download the ‘’Zoom cloud meeting’’ app and set up a free account.
Step 5- After you joined the meeting you will have the option to turn on your camera.
Although you don’t need any equipment, you will have a better workout experience if you have some basic fitness equipment.
1. Dumbbells (you don’t need an entire weight rack just a couple to use for different exercises)
2. Mini bands
3. Gym mat
4. Medicine ball
5. More equipment you can gather, better workout outcome!

There is no reason to stop working on your goals! I have set up remote training to help you stay on track!